Toyne Fire Apparatus

Fire Apparatus Deliveries

Across the nation, new Toyne fire trucks are joining an elite rank of heroes to serve communities and protect their residents. From New York to California, communities across the U.S. and into Canada have discovered the value a Toyne custom fire apparatus can bring to their fire department — whether it’s a large city or small, rural town. Check out our recent fire apparatus deliveries to see the newest trucks that have been built to take the call.

Recent Delivery Flyers

  • 2015 Cumru Township FD - Rescue Pumper - Mohnton, Pennsylvania Cumru Township FD - Rescue Pumper
    Mohnton, PA
  • 2015 Nashville FD - 13 Toyne Pumpers - Nashville, Tennessee Nashville FD - 13 Toyne Pumpers
    Nashville, TN
  • 2015 Skamania County Fire District 1 - Pumper Tender - Carson Washington Skamania County Fire District 1 - Pumper
    Carson, WA
  • 2015 Manasquan County Fire District 1 - Pumper - Manasquan New Jersey Manasquan Fire District 1 - Pumper
    Manasquan, NJ


Customer City State Image
Village of Lindsay Fire Dept.  Pumper Lindsay NE
Mapleton Fire Dept.  Tanker Mapleton IA
Upland Rural Fire Prot. District Pumper Tanker Upland NE
Hopkinton Fire District Pumper Tanker Hopkinton NY
Rexford Fire District Pumper Rexford NY
Claverack Fire District Pumper Tanker Claverack NY
Town of Ashland Pumper Ashland NH
Spring Grove Fire Prot. Dist Pumper Tanker Spring Grove IL
Slater Rural Fire District Pumper Slater MO
Ankeny Fire Department Pumper Ankeny IA
Fulton Fire Prot. Dist Pumper Tanker Fulton IL
City of Sumter/Sumter Fire Dept.  Pumper Sumter SC
White Mills Vol. Fire Dept.  Pumper Glendale KY
Jefferson Fire Department Tanker Jefferson NH
Randolph Village Fire Dept. Pumper Randolph VT
Arkansas City Fire Dept.  Tanker Arkansas City KS
Howard County Fire Prot. Dist.  Pumper Tanker Fayette MO
City of Princeton/Princeton Fire Dept. Pumper Tanker Princeton IA
Lisbon Fire District Pumper Tanker Lisbon NY
Postville Fire Dept.  Tanker Postville IA
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