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Berwick Fire Dept.

Berwick, ME | Delivery Information File

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Two Toyne Pumpers Delivered to Berwick Fire Department

“These will be great additions to the department and a tremendous help to the first-class firefighters serving in Berwick.” Mike Schwabe,
President/CEO, Toyne, Inc.

About Berwick Fire Dept.

The Berwick Fire Department in Berwick, Maine welcomed two new additions to its fleet in late December with a holiday-themed entrance. The new, identical pumpers were engineered by Toyne, and are equipped with technology that will upgrade the department's fire-fighting capabilities. Continue Reading →

  • The Berwick Fire Department receives about 900 calls per year
  • The department is made up of both career and on-call personnel
  • Berwick is located in southern Maine and has a population of around 7,000 people
  • Two Berwick firefighters received the Maine Legion’s 2017 Firefighter of the Year award
  • The pumpers were sold by Eastern Fire Apparatus, located in Milton, New Hampshire
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