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Ankeny Fire Department

Ankeny, IA | Delivery Information File

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Ankeny Iowa Pumper Delivery

"As a proud Iowa-based company, we were honored to build these apparatus for this expanding city and fire department." Michael Schwabe,
President and CEO of Toyne Inc.

About Ankeny Fire Department

The Ankeny Fire Department is continuing to grow, adding the power of two Iowa-built fire trucks from Toyne Fire Apparatus to its fleet. Toyne delivered the identical pumpers to Ankeny, Iowa’s department in late May, bolstering its response time and firefighting capabilities. Continue Reading →

  • Ankeny’s pumpers both include a 500-gallon UPF tank, 1,500 gpm Hale Qmax pump, and an Akron Apollo Hi-Riser monitor.
  • The pumpers will help equip the department’s new Fire Station 3, opening in September.
  • The Ankeny Fire Department is a combination of career and volunteer firefighters.
  • Ankeny was named the fourth-fastest-growing city in the country by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2018.
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