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Fairview Fire and Rescue

Monroe, NC | Delivery Information File

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Fairview Fire and Rescue Pumper Tanker Delivery

"We were happy to work with members of Fairview Fire and Rescue to build an apparatus that meets the needs of their department. This pumper tanker will help them protect their communities even more, and we are proud to be a part of that." Michael Schwabe,
President and CEO of Toyne, Inc.

About Fairview Fire and Rescue

Fairview Fire and Rescue in Monroe, North Carolina has increased its fleet’s firefighting power with the purchase of a new Toyne Pumper Tanker. Fairview received the high-capacity apparatus in mid-September. This addition will boost the fire defense of this robust department, which covers a nearly 35-square-mile district in North Carolina. Continue Reading →

  • Fairview Fire and Rescue’s pumper tanker includes a Waterous CSU 1,500 gpm pump.
  • The department serves around 5,000 residents in its 35-square-mile district.
  • Fairview had previously purchased a Toyne Pumper in 2016.
  • This pumper tanker was sold by Melton Fire Group, a Toyne Dealer in West Jefferson, North Carolina.
  • Visit the department’s website

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