The Massena Fire Department

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The Massena Fire Department

Massena, NY | Delivery Information File

There is a lot of history tied to the community of Massena [New York], We're excited to not only provide the MFD with an apparatus to help them protect their community but for Toyne to now be a part of that rich history as well.

– Mike Schwabe, President of Toyne, Inc.

About Massena Fire Department (MFD)

Established over 230 years ago, Massena, New York is located near the northern border of our country, just south of the St. Lawrence River.

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The Massena Fire Department (MFD) is a volunteer department that has operated for over 120 years and responds to more than 500 calls per year. MFD recently accepted delivery of a new Toyne Pumper, which was built with a bolted painted stainless steel body and mounted on a Spartan Metro Star EMFD with 24" raised roof chassis. Powering the new apparatus is a Cummins ISL9 450 horsepower engine and an Allison 3000 EVS transmission.

Additional features include

  • Hale Qmax 1,500 GPM Pump
  • Enclosed Pump Panel
  • Fire Research Pump Boss Pressure Governor
  • Foam Pro 1600 Class A Foam System with 30 Gallon Tank
  • UPF 1,200 Gallon Tank
  • Rear Slide-In Through Tank Ladder and Pike Pole Storage
  • Rear Slide-In Through Tank Hard Suction Storage
  • Storage for 8 SCBA Bottles in Wheel Wells
  • FRC SPA 260-Q70 Scene Lights on Body
  • FRC SPA 830-Q15 Brow Light
  • Will-Burt Light Tower
  • Harrison 10,000 Watt Hydraulic Generator
  • Seating for 6 Firefighters
  • And more! 

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