A Small Town Experience In Modern Manufacturing


Breda, Iowa - The Cumru Township Fire Department, headquartered in Mohnton, Pa., had worked with Toyne, Inc. on the purchase of a 2010 demo Pumper, but had not been given the opportunity to go through the full experience of building a vehicle from the ground up with the Breda, Iowa manufacturer, until now.

Chief Scott Brady along with career firefighter and member of the apparatus committee, Jeremy Brubaker had both been involved in apparatus purchases through other manufacturers, but in comparison, their experience with Toyne has been one of a kind.

"They may be a smaller outfit, but they are very modern and have been able to provide options and access to us throughout the process that we have not seen with other manufacturers," said Brady. "Plus, you get the small town experience, the friendliness, the teamwork and the customer focus you just don't get in bigger businesses. You just can't beat it."

Brady and Brubaker traveled to Toyne last August to begin the process of building their custom combination vehicle, a Rescue Pumper. They said it took more than a day and a half to go through all the specifications they needed to have in their new vehicle and the Toyne team went above and beyond their expectations in that meeting. Not only did they set up a Skype connection for an apparatus committee member who couldn't be present, they went out of their way to make sure that all options had been explored before final decisions were reached.

"They made the whole process easy," Brubaker said. "They took all of the ideas we had for this truck and told us whether or not they could do it, then gave us ideas for options. It was clear they knew what they were talking about."

"If there was something we wanted and it was beyond that person's knowledge, they would pick up the phone and get the engineer in on the discussion," added Brady. "You just don't see that every day."

They were impressed with the Toyne process in which all materials are ordered and waiting when the chassis arrives, and then all resources are put into the production of their apparatus. And, they continue to be impressed with how Toyne puts the focus on them throughout the build.

"Toyne gives us 24/7 access to the progress on our truck through their system," Brady said. "We can sign into that job number and view pictures of the truck as well as get status updates. With other manufacturers, we wouldn't see the truck until the final inspection."

The brand new Toyne Tailored Rescue Pumper was displayed at FDIC 2015 and the Cumru Township Fire Department took delivery of their new apparatus shortly after the show ended. The department is excited about the features this apparatus has to offer and how that will fill the needs for their team of 43 firefighters.

"We wanted a vehicle that could take the place of both of these," Brady explained. "When combining two functions into one apparatus, the vehicle tends to grow. We are located in a rural area with a lot of country roads, and we needed the ability to maneuver easily in those areas. Toyne could fit all of our needs into a size that would allow us that flexibility."

In addition, this vehicle includes a light tower that will allow them to light scenes, providing visibility and safety to the firefighters and the general public in their 21 square mile service area.

This Toyne Rescue Pumper is also customized with rollout tool boards and storage trays, Little Giant ladder storage, airbag storage, electric reels in one coffin compartment and an oil dry hopper in the other, portable winches for all four sides and pump placement in an enclosed compartment. All of this is being built on a Spartan Metro Star chassis that will have room for six crew members.

"We are fortunate that our elected officials are active and keyed in to meeting the department's needs," Brady said. "They are engaged in the entire process. They are viewing the vehicles, riding in them and understanding what they offer, and they could see the quality in the Toyne vehicles for themselves."