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PRV XL - Demo Truck

PRV XL - Logo

Necessity meets efficiency. The Toyne PRV (Priority Response Vehicle) has been designed to not only be the first apparatus on the scene, but to also allow you to choose your pump panel location. The enclosed slide out and down pump panel takes up less space and allows you to choose your pump panel location, keeping the controls at hand while maximizing additional Toyne Tailored storage options and puts you in control.

“Firefighter by day, firefighter by night.”

Toyne FDIC Video

Get a glimpse of what show attendees are seeing in the Toyne booth and why our high quality apparatus are quickly becoming some of the most sought after trucks in the nation.

Toyne PRV XL Edition Being Unveiled at 2016 FDIC Event


Toyne to debut their brand new PRV XL Edition at the 2016 FDIC event in Indianapolis. The PRV XL boasts an additional 87.25 cubic feet of compartment space than the PRV, also includes the versatile pump panel that is available as a ‘slide out and down,’ slide out tool board or stationary mounted in a compartment or the cab, allowing departments to select the pump panel placement that best fits their needs.

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Toyne Trucks at FDIC 2016

Learn more about the Toyne Tailored Apparatus being showcased at this year's event by downloading flyers and viewing images that highlight the unique features & benefits of each model.

“I have no ambition in the world but one, and that is to be a firefighter.”

Chief Edward F.Croker FDNY